Our menu

We select produce of the highest quality which ensures that all our dishes keep an authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine.


Margarita: ( tomato and mozzarella cheese)

Reina: ( tomato, york ham, mushrooms and mozarella)

Costa brava: ( tomato, salami, chorizo, bacon, olives and mozzarella)

Quatre estacions: ( tomato, york ham, peppers, mushrooms, artichoke and mozzarella)

Rodolfo valentino: ( tomato, onion, tuna and mozzarella)

Calzone: ( tomato, york ham, tuna and mozzarella)

Montserrat: ( tomato, goat cheese, tomato cherry and mozzarella)

Illes medes: ( tomato, cured ham, mushrooms, olives and mozzarella)

Quatre formatges: ( parmesan, emmental, roquefort and mozzarlla)

Ibèrica: ( tomato, cured ham and mozzarella)

Pizza bolonyesa: ( tomoto, bolonese and mozzarella)

Napolitana: ( tomato, anovies, olives and mozzarella)